We Have the Law and the Prophets

Hi again.

I’ll jump straight into it and continue the “Gay debate”.  Would appreciate if you can stick around.

One of the few arguments against Gay people is this one: “How can I possibly believe that after two thousand years of accepted exegesis we are suddenly wrong?”

1. The first thing I note about this is that it reminds me of the attitude of the teachers of the law in Jesus time “We have the temple worship, we have the Law and the Prophets….what do you have?”

2. The word homosexual and the concept is very modern – (I know I should look this up and provide a date but cant be bothered) it is only in this century that it was identified and named. This in itself is interesting because a lot of our pre-conceived ideas stem from the initial hoo haa. It was first labelled as a mental illness, it was widely publicised that gays are lustful compared to “normal” people – from early on the message was clear – homosexuals have been handed over to a depraved mind – they are trying something kinky, perverted. The so called two thousand year old argument is not really the case – the word homosexual was added into some bibles in 1953! And what is being proven is that gay people are not responding to evil desires or perverted thoughts, they are responding to the natural desires of their make up – just like we do.

3. How can I possibly believe in the concept of Grace – for fifteen hundred years the one true Catholic church and Pope led the way – it took a lot of violence and a church split and some still couldn’t accept grace as being godly. Is this where we want to head? I get accused of trying to split the church….really? Is that what Martin Luthers goal was? We have a precedent that shows us it is possible to accept that our “thousands of years old” teaching is wrong. The bible talks about all sorts of perversions, same sex acts and casts a negative spin on them – and rightly so because offering our bodies to sexual sin hurts the inner bits as well. But the Bible does not talk about homosexuality….being a gay person. This is most certainly true.

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