No Mudblood – Purity of Gender

Voldemort had a Muggle Father, this made him a mudblood. It is curious that his fury was directed at Muggles and Wizards that dared to defile pure blood.

No Mudblood (Part 2)

I remember a child being asked whether someone was a girl or a boy. The “someone” in question was a boy with long hair. Without hesitation the child answered: “She’s a girl.” Why? Because he had long hair and girls have long hair.  This kind of thinking is soon replaced by “A girl has a vagina and a boy has a penis”. As we go to school we learn that an XX makes a girl and an XY makes a boy. This is how we think  – and this is not surprising – BUT: We need to understand that this isn’t the complete picture on Gender either. With some people it is difficult to determine which Gender they are, with others they grow up with a feeling of being trapped in the wrong body, and still  others are born gay. A scientist is able to look at all this and say “This is how it is” and then look at the information and ascertain why this is so. Meanwhile,  many Christians are still stuck with a school child mentality and refuse to believe facts. The most common argument is: “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” They don’t realize how hurtful/hateful, how “Voldemort like” this statement is. Who created Adam and Steve if it wasn’t God? It reminds me of the question raised by Jesus disciples: “Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” The answer of course was neither.

Following the Voldermort mentallity it is entirely logical that the church should introduce chromosal checks for aspiring Pastors to ensure they are “pure blood” (male). Every couple married in the church should have these procedures as well because we don’t marry Mudbloods. We should carry a card similar to the “working with children card” to make sure we are the right gender to be able to administer the sacraments or to marry or to be in a position of authority. We wouldn’t want to go against God’s clear directives in scripture……would we?

Part 3 is coming – It may be time to name “He who must not be named” stay tuned.

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5 Responses to “No Mudblood – Purity of Gender”
  1. Reblogged this on Katie and Martin's Blog on the Lutheran Church in Australia and commented:
    Thanks to Tapfotoreflections for this post. Pureblood is an interesting metaphor.

  2. Sandra says:

    ‘The Fight to be Male’ 1980s video helped me to see the dividing line between male and female is nowhere near as obvious as it first appears. And information since then has just added more individuality to the whole concept. We’re all fearfully and wonderfully made! Gender, sexuality, language, culture and worship styles amazingly varied in the body of Christ.

  3. lcamyopinion says:

    In Lutheran/ Uniting Church dialogue, when the question of homosexuality came up the churches presented a paper each outlining their understanding of various texts/ principles. The Lutheran Church when talking about Gen1 said *the polarity of male and female is built into the created order.* A stunningly ignorant and hurtful statement for so many members of our church who do not fit comfortably into these *polarities*. Tapman got it right… the dialogue team, headed by the present head of the CTICR, Dr Silcock, probably understands these people to be mudbloods.

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