The Exciting Life – Harry Potter

The adventures of Harry Potter await all of us. The wonders of Diagon Alley and Hogwarts, the friendship of Hagrid and the new life away from the dreary broom closet!

I was brought up a Christian and  in my teen years I learned about the “priesthood of all believers”. I was encouraged to believe that even as a young teenager, God could and would use me. He would equip me with his gifts for service. I was fascinated by the spiritual gifts that I had never even heard about until then. I was all ready for this new and exciting life that beckoned.

Before we even start the journey I think it would be wise to skip a few chapters (books even) and look to see what happens. In this particular case it isn’t cheating and it won’t  ruin the story. It is just that the journey is quite long so we need to constantly look back to where we came from and remind ourselves of where we are headed. Looking back we remember that our mothers love saved us from a curse, we are not unimportant – we are crucial to the plot of this story. Looking forward we see a final victory, we see Voldermort finally destroyed, we see peace and happiness. (We  look back at the cross, the place where Jesus first defeated the curse for us and we look forward in the knowledge that whatever happens, your/our story ends with victory.)

I don’t want to add a dampener on enthusiasm but there are quite a few chapters (sometimes long chapters) in everyone’s life that leave us perplexed. Lets skip a few books and remember the time when Harry, Ron and Hermione leave Hogwarts on their quest to destroy the Horcrux’s. When I read these chapters I felt a deep heaviness. They had no direction, no real plan, they were camping out in the wilderness with Ron injured. Ron leaves because of a terrible fight. Repeated efforts to destroy the Horcrux fail. It all seems dark and hopeless. There is one surprising moment that I want to point out as an encouragement. In this doom and gloom the trio see a patronus –  a deer. Even at their darkest hour we see a glimpse that they are not alone, there is someone helping them. With the benefit of hindsight we know something special about this Patronus…..even though we learn that Snape was the man helping them we learn something deeper – he shared the same Patronus as Harry’s Mother! I sincerely hope that you as the reader have read the Harry Potter story, otherwise I am being like Homer Simpson as he leaves the cinema after “Star Wars” and announces that Darth Vader was Lukes father. Damn! I am now imagining my first comment to this post. “What? Darth Vader is his Dad!”  Have I just ruined two epics in one hit?

I guess for me this particular chapter, as dark as it was reminds me that I am not alone. There have been moments in my life that I have repeatedly prayed for help and guidance and met with silence. Not only silence – things go from bad to worse. The glimpse of the Patronus is more wonderful than we at first imagine.

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