For God so Loved the World

There is a fine line between beauty and ugly.

Australia is ugly. I could imagine a tourist coming to Australia and driving from one end to the other and going home and spreading the word – Australia is ugly. I could also imagine myself grabbing this aforementioned tourist around the neck and telling him that he is not that pretty either. Am I wearing “beer goggles”, am I seeing something that just isn’t there? I know I am not, there is something awesome in the Australian landscape and I hope to one day do a photographic tour of it. To quote some famous lyrics – ” I’ve seen every blue eyed floozy in the land, their beauty wears thin after a while, fat bottomed girl you make the rockin world go round” (sorry queen didn’t get the words quite right)

It is like looking at the stars during a black out and seeing the Milky Way spread across the sky. The size, the age, the immensity of the view impacting on your innards. Australia is like that for those who want to look beyond the suburbs of our cities. You can try and emmulate the ruggedness on furniture by beating it with chains and adding stains but the ruggedness of Australia is authentic. The hills and rocks, the plains and coast all carved by millions of years of extremes in weather.

Like the stars, Australia’s landscape often makes me feel lonely. What am I in all this?

I could imagine a person going through life, from one end to the other and saying there is no God. I am not about to grab him around the neck like I did the tourist but I will agree to disagree. In the image above the grooves in the dirt tell a story. There are religions around that try to look authentic (Christianity included), often involving beating oneself up in some way or another. But the Gospel I believe has an authenticity not unlike the Australian landscape.

Ancient History shows nations, villages and tribes trying to appease angry god’s. The story of the Old Testament is not that much different…except…. the grooves of this ancient history introduce and point to something so culturally radical that I believe it didn’t come from the mind of man. For God so loved the world.


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