Here Come the Owls!

Dear reader, as you are aware, for a couple of weeks I have been persisting with an analogy using the Harry Potter story. Uptil now I haven’t had a problem, in fact I am quite excited by the concept because I know what comes next…..the owls. The problem is that early on in my ponderings I identified the work of the Owls as that of the Holy Spirit. This I seen as a road block for a number of reasons. Firstly, in my experience of the Holy Spirit, He isn’t normally so obvious as to keep delivering thousands of letters through mailboxes and chimneys! All analogies fail at some point and I could see that this one was getting difficult. What do I know about the Holy Spirit? I don’t even really know what he sounds like. For example if I am listening to a sermon, I always end up filtering it through my own mind. I will say something like: “I agree with what he/she said there”  Therefore I find it a good sermon. Or then I say something like “Oooh didn’t really agree with that bit” then I summize that this particular sermon was a bit dodgy. I realize now that my mind, the big me, is being God. My opinions, my prejudices, my experiences influence what I hear as truth or reject as lies. Often I am not hearing the Holy Spirit, I am building up and strengthening what I already believe. What is it like to hear the Holy Spirit? How can I write about it? I could see my blog coming to an embarrassing end.

Then I realized something obvious. You might have already sensed it – I have a one track mind and keep returning to a particular topic – it may even annoy you. Why does this Christian Guy keep talking about and defending Gay people? It is because I am an OWL! I have a message to deliver and Mr Dursley/the church doesn’t want to hear it and above all it doesn’t want to deliver the message to the recipient.

When I began this blog I emailed the council of presidents individually, I emailed all our districts Pastors, I emailed the members of CTICR, the members of CSBQ , I emailed Mike Semmler. I got one “out of office” reply, one reply voicing similar frustrations to mine, and one concerned that my blog was damaging the reputations of some clergy. Perhaps they chose to listen to Mike Semmlers directive that suggested that blogging about issues was to be deplored and shunned.

You can only zip lips for so long….

It appears to me that the church is hesitant to listen, hesitant to move……..Ignorant of the issues, scared, and keen to protect “Dudley’s” and their own reputation.  I may be a small owl but many more are coming, and they are persistant. On the plus side I needn’t worry, eventually a giant the size of Hagrid will smash down some doors.


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