The Lightning Connection

Harry’s scar was left by Voldermort……”He who must not be named” or the “Dark Lord”. In trying to kill Harry the curse rebounded but it left Harry with a curious scar. Continuing with my analogy- if we are like Harry Potter,  it goes to follow that we have a lightning shaped scar as well.

The scar is a connection to the “Dark Lord”, in fact as we find out as the story progresses, it is because of the scar, Harry must die. The scar is a connection to the evil wizard.

I thought about the scar a while back when a Pastor was arguing against gay people by saying that being gay is a distortion, it is part of the fallen order, it is part of original sin. He then said this curious thing – we are all the same, we all have our crosses to bear. I agree with this sameness concept and as I have said, we are Harry Potter and we all have a scar.

I think it is important that we realize that this scar doesn’t define who we are. All of creation carries the scar of “original sin”, I think we can see this quite clearly without having to look into the Bible. But one thing must be said – creation still bears the nature of God. Harry Potter sometimes felt conflicted and worried by the connections he had and felt with the “Dark Lord”. But his true nature always triumphed, he was Lilly’s son. All of us, every person on this planet deserves this dignity as a human right – we are wonderfully created by God (so much so that he became the first Harry Potter) all children are told (should be told) how special they are, how loved they are, as a human right no one deserves to be told they are distorted and treated like Harry was by the Dursley’s. We are deeply loved, as we are, we are God’s children.

From a spirtual perspective, we are all the same and are separated from God and have no way of saving ourselves – that is why Christ died – to remove the connection to the “Dark Lord” and restore the connection to God. From a physical perspective we are all the same and are all distorted – ultimately we all need to be healed and restored but for now we live on this planet as we are.

Homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality, it is a fact. Biologists have been observing this for hundreds of years.

It does need to be said however, that the nature of sin is selfishness and sin hurts. Sexuality is not a sin, sex isn’t a sin, it is natural. But our selfishness can make us hurt each other. Heterosexuals and homosexuals alike are using, abusing, and selfishly following their lusts. This isn’t how it is meant to be. Can you see? The scar is separate from who we are. I have an appettite for good food, the scar connection tempts me to overindulge and obsess over food. If this distinction isn’t made, apart from being theological stupidity, we label a person as being the scar.

The message of Christianity is this – Christ died to restore your connection with God – don’t listen to the other connection (the scar) Know whose you are. The scar does cause pain and sometimes confusion but remember who you are.

Shit - How were they connected?

Shit – How were they connected?

Don’t get confused about what the scar is, it isn’t you, it isn’t your sexuality. An important theme in Harry Potter was the importance of friends – Dumbledores Army and the close friends of Hermione and Ron – Church is meant to be this kind of powerful support and source of love, care and friendship. Can we grow to be this for everyone? Or are we too busy comparing scars?

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