Under the Stairs

Thinking about my last post, I wonder how I came across, how someone else would hear it?  “All of us need to discover our identity” Mmmm….. Lots of people talk about going on a quest to find themselves and I guess it is important to find out who you are and be yourself, rather than trying to be someone else. What I intended to convey is that this identity is more than that, well it is that but more. The spell Expecto Patronum (Patronus charm) if you remember conjures an incarnation of the caster’s innermost positive feelings and was the only defense/weapon against Dementors that would suck out all your happiness….or was it your soul? I think knowing our identity in Christ is what “spiritual warfare” is all about. Like the Patronus I think our innnermost security and joy needs to be in Christ. Not an expert on this topic, just find the idea of fasting and long prayers a little bit like trying to manipulate God. I think knowing that we are God’s and he loves us is more central to spiritual warfare than these other things.

OK back on track……We know our identity, we are Harry Potter, we are the “Boy who lived” we have a lightning shaped scar. – The reality of this identity is that all of us live in a small cupboard under the stairs. Or we all started out there atleast. Because I am a loner and a little bit frightened by social situations the cupboard is a safe place for me. Imagine if J.K Rowling wrote a book about a boy who lived under the stairs…….full stop. Wouldn’t make for rivetting reading would it?

Atleast I am not reading that book about the boy in the cupboard..........

Atleast I am not reading that book about the boy in the cupboard……….

We all have things that tend to keep us living in the cupboard – “I am not smart enough….not pretty enough…..too fat….too young…too old”  God has bigger plans for us, there is a letter in the mail, we just don’t know it yet.

There are other issues with living under the stairs – we live in a Muggle household. It is my fear that the church is taking on the role of the Muggle (the worst kind of Muggle). This is not a criticism of any person or any particular church, but worth all of us having a think about (as we make up the church). As I have spoken about in previous posts, we behave like Mr Dursely towards intersex, gay and transexual people. Do we act like Muggles towards other people? Do we make it hard for people to come out of their shells and be who they are at church? I think none of us would readily admit to being like Mr Dursely, but is the way we do church constructive?  Is church too talent oriented?  Does our theology promote a sense of victory or a comfort in defeat?  When a letter arrives from Hogwarts do we suppress the contents?

How do you feel about church?

2 Responses to “Under the Stairs”
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Church is good for me. It reminds me every week that I’m a child of god, no matter what happened along the week. A good leadership will shape a good disciples, and hopefully many churches approach the gay community with love and not hate.

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