You’re a Wizard Harry!

I know Harry Potter was a kids book so reading it as a middle aged man probably wasn’t the coolest thing I’d done.  But then cool and me aren’t really getting on. When I was a teenager I started smoking and bought a VJ Charger because I wanted to be cool. Unfortunately at the time, Toranas, Monaros and XT’s were cool……..but then I still had my smoking. I think life is often a painful discovery of “Who am I?”. When I read the words “You’re a wizard Harry” I identified with the millions of kids that were reading the book – a part of me wished those words were meant for me.

The thing is, the more I think about it, those words are meant for me. Let me explain. Most of you will know the Jesus story……at some point some shepherds were tending their sheep and an angelic host appeared and announced “Good News” that Jesus the promised Messiah had been born. We know that he ended up dying and we have the story of him coming back to life – he is in a real sense “The boy who lived”.  Now this is the exciting part, the Bible talks about Jesus as being the “firstborn”, in saying this it is obvious that if there is a firstborn there must be a second born!  You guessed it – the second born is us!!!

When Harry Potter survived the “Avakadavra curse” the wizarding world celebrated – so much so that the Muggle world saw glimpses of it. (remember the angels)  It was the love of Harry’s Mother that protected him, it is the love of Jesus that shields us from the power of the curse. The paralells are there and I challenge you to think about it this Christmas. If you haven’t read the book, do yourself a favour and do it. The statement “Your a wizard Harry” is meant for everyone. All of us need to discover our identity, it gets painful living at 4 Privet drive in a small cupboard under the stairs.


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