Sign of the Times

I don’t know what school was like for you, but I went to a pretty rough school. Fights were pretty common. But there were unwritten rules of conduct. For instance if someone was on the ground it wasn’t considered polite to sink the boot in. Those were the good old days… it seems its OK to slam a man while he’s down.

Yesterday when I was reading Mike Semmlers paper delivered to folk in Canada about homosexuality I came across this statement which pretty much sums up the tone of the document:

“There is also the pressure to retreat into a self centred, or self pitying existence and in customising a private world for a homosexual”

Don't be a cry baby, it's only a life sentence!

Don’t be a cry baby, it’s only a life sentence!

So let me get this straight – not only is a gay person deemed to be distorted and sinful, not only is he condemned to a life of forced celibacy, he is  forced into hiding to protect his relationships, his job, his reputation and then  he is  told that to retreat from such  persecution is a self-centred exercise! I’ve got two pairs of work boots at home would you like a pair Mr Semmler?

You'll do more damage with these.

You’ll do more damage with these.


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