Diluted Poison is Still Poison

Continuing with my critical, little bit angry appraisal of Mike Semmlers paper delivered at the 2012 ILC conference in Canada. A paper about homosexuality and the church.

Today I make an overall summary of what I believe Mike to be saying – I don’t believe I am wrong – If you think I am let me know. In several places Mike says things like:

“……must call sinning and being sinful for what it is.”

“Our compassion cannot, however, try to assimilate Gods teaching with the …..world” 

“Pastors are called to proclaim salvation from the wrath of God….”

“We cannot afford to dilute the grace of God by being less than clear about sin, repentance and absolution.”

I don’t think I am exagerating when I say that he is clear in what he is saying – homosexuality according to him is a sin, we need to be clear about this. If we are not we “dilute the grace of God” It is the Gospel that is at stake here. With this in mind, the discussion under the heading “Pastoral considerations and questions” had me wondering. Were these questions discussed at the meeting or were they just thrown out there? What is he trying to say? I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of weeks and I believe he can be saying only one thing.  I list a few examples for full document click here – I am referring to page 11 onwards.

“Pastors will listen to hurting parents pleading for their children in same sex
relationships to be accepted because their children want to express their
sexuality in “love‟. But what love?
Same sex partners in the church may demand recognition to  “come out‟ and be
offered the institution of marriage God designed for heterosexual engagement.”

“What is “bromance‟? Where does it fit in a male to male relationship?”

“Then there will be those who wish to parade a homosexual relationship as being
god pleasing because they feel God created them that way and that they have
given themselves to faithfulness in a lifelong relationship.”

Mike Semmler provides a whole list of questions. No answers. He concludes with this statement:

“As pastors we will have many questions to discuss and to prayerfully consider as
we hear the will of God in his Word and remember he wants all to be saved.”

From what he has clearly said and from the whole thrust of the entire document I can confidentally say that he doesn’t really know what to say. On the one hand he has got the “clear” message from God, on the other hand he has got hurting people he has to deliver it to. The only way he can do this without sounding cruel is to dilute the message and make it sound more pallatable. Could it be that he intends to do exactly what he says we can not afford to do? – That is to dilute the message! Mike Semmler……and any one else who is interested, listen to me here, it doesn’t matter if you use nice words, polite wording, religious words or even pastoral words – the message the church is proclaiming to a gay child, to a gay couple, to parents of gay children is a message of hate. A message based in fear and bigotry. Say what you mean, say out loud what you think and you might realize it doesn’t sound that pretty.

God says this way but....

God says this way but….

One Response to “Diluted Poison is Still Poison”
  1. Karin says:

    This God of hate and bigotry that the LCA leadership is spreading bears no resemblance to the loving God of Scripture, nor Jesus for that matter. I wonder whether they missed the whole point of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

    Thank you for calling a spade a spade….because this spade is certainly not the Word of God.

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