Lutheran – A primitive made up religion?

Was reading on a site about religious tolerance and found this:

“There are many theories about the origins of religions. Unfortunately, the first religions predated the invention of writing, and so there is no concrete evidence for researchers to go on. Some anthropologists have suggested that religions were created to give humans a feeling of security in an inherently insecure universe. Primitive humans were the first species to be aware of their own impending death. They were also frightened of harm from storms, lightning, floods, hail, famine, etc. Fertility was critical — both of the crops and families.

The first primitive religions gave people security and a sense of control. By performing specific rituals, they felt that they could appease the Gods and/or Goddesses and get them on the side of the believers.

This need for security and control continues today. This is particularly true among followers of religions like Christianity, Islam and others that teach the existence of life after death in the form of Heaven and Hell. Many followers of those religions that believe in a God who tortures people throughout all eternity for not meeting His criteria tend to be very concerned about meeting their God’s standards. Many religious conservatives are worried that if their country allows sexual minorities, religious minorities, etc. to have equal rights that God will punish the entire nation through natural disasters.”

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy......

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy……

On the same site I read a quote from a very “liberal” theologian John Shelby Spong : “Religion is primarilly a search for security and not a search for truth”

There is a ring of truth to what they are saying don’t you think? For me anyway it seems all too true, I hear so many people say that we need to return to biblical principles, we need to stay true to the bible, we need to live right, we need to do this or that.(or else) What is happening is that we are slowly returning to a  law based religion. It is mixed up with words like grace and love but it is becoming a thinly veiled disguise.  Grace is meant to free us from religiousness, from the demands of the law, Grace is meant to get rid of  “religion” . Grace is meant to give us peace and security apart from the law. But we can’t help ourselves, we want to follow our natural path……law. As I spoke about in my last post, we scapegoat. Someone always has to be “out” we are the one true religion, if you confess Jesus as Lord and Saviour, if you believe the right things you are in…otherwise its off to hell with you. And yes I know you can make a compelling argument to convince me that this is how it is……but there is something not right in this picture. Jesus by being a scapegoat, Jesus by being a sacrifice shows us that we don’t need to and shouldn’t scapegoat – we don’t need to make ourselves feel secure by keeping others on the “out” group. Jesus’ grace, love, forgiveness is a net cast over everyone. I don’t think it asks us to abandon our culture or our upbringing – even if it is Muslim  – can not Jesus and the Gospel of his death and resurrection be preached without setting ourselves up as opposing religions. I really think that fundamental, conservative christians are setting us up for a climate of war. This wasn’t what I set out to write about, but let it stay here… thoughts just flowed onto paper like they often do. Just realized….don’t use paper no more.

What I meant to write about was this feeling of “security”.

A sentence from Katie and Martins blog stood out to me :  “To question the smallest or oldest verse in the Bible ………………………….. is to question the central tenet of their New Testament Christianity.” full discussion here. It is apparent that to discuss “religion” with religious people causes fear (particularly with facts that challenge long held beliefs). Could it be that essentially we are exactly the same as all the other religions of the world that hold onto religious notions in an attempt to appease God and give us a sense of security.  It certainly looks that way to me. Look at the fuss homosexuality is causing in the church and in our christian society! It has become apparent that gays are born gay and they haven’t been punished with this “affliction” because of idolatry or perversion – we are faced with facts, I repeat facts,  that (seemingly)contradict  the bible – rather than face the facts and explore the issue we are fearful for our families, we are fearful for society and our children. We are scared to affirm children as wonderful and beautiful creations of God. We are fearful for how it will impact the church or our congregation, we stifle conversation and listen to so called “experts” like Bill Muehlenberg and Dr Yahnke* who make us feel more comfortable. We bear the fruits of a law based made up religion! And I have to say it is starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

Is it getting hot in here?

Is it getting hot in here?

* click here for more about this seminar 

These thoughts have been milling around in my head following a few conversations I have had – I am a Lutheran, and I think I said the other day that I am mostly proud to be Lutheran – however………..

Tell me what you think.

4 Responses to “Lutheran – A primitive made up religion?”
  1. lcamyopinion says:

    Hey there Tap. Since you have been talking about scapegoating…remembering that the basic idea of scapegoating is that people who are normally enemies are bonded together by putting their enmity onto a common enemy, a third party… I thought you might enjoy this. From an old Dailey Show. Note. Jon Stewart, the host of the daily show is Jewish.


    • Tapman says:

      Thanks for that……I tried to add it into post so others could have a laugh but failed.
      Reminds me of the Popular Judean Peoples front……Splitters.

  2. Karin says:

    Hi Tap

    You might be interested in Paul Smith’s description of churches.,0
    In a sense he is going through Fowler’s stages of Faith Development ( or Ken Wilber’s Framework)

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