Here Come the Owls!

Dear reader, as you are aware, for a couple of weeks I have been persisting with an analogy using the Harry Potter story. Uptil now I haven’t had a problem, in fact I am quite excited by the concept because I know what comes next…..the owls. The problem is that early on in my ponderings … Continue reading

The Lightning Connection

Harry’s scar was left by Voldermort……”He who must not be named” or the “Dark Lord”. In trying to kill Harry the curse rebounded but it left Harry with a curious scar. Continuing with my analogy- if we are like Harry Potter,  it goes to follow that we have a lightning shaped scar as well. The … Continue reading

Under the Stairs

Thinking about my last post, I wonder how I came across, how someone else would hear it?  “All of us need to discover our identity” Mmmm….. Lots of people talk about going on a quest to find themselves and I guess it is important to find out who you are and be yourself, rather than … Continue reading

You’re a Wizard Harry!

I know Harry Potter was a kids book so reading it as a middle aged man probably wasn’t the coolest thing I’d done.  But then cool and me aren’t really getting on. When I was a teenager I started smoking and bought a VJ Charger because I wanted to be cool. Unfortunately at the time, … Continue reading

Let’s look into the “Good Book” for guidance!

Today I thought I’d begin by drawing from the “good book”, seek inspiration from the book that every Christian should have read. I am of course talking about Harry Potter. Jesus was a story teller – I’m not great with stories but when I hear a good one I think about it for a long … Continue reading

Lutheran – Primitive Religion (Part 2)

Hi again – I just want to return to a topic I brought up a few posts ago. The full post can be found here. “Some anthropologists have suggested that religions were created to give humans a feeling of security in an inherently insecure universe. Primitive humans were the first species to be aware of … Continue reading

Sign of the Times

I don’t know what school was like for you, but I went to a pretty rough school. Fights were pretty common. But there were unwritten rules of conduct. For instance if someone was on the ground it wasn’t considered polite to sink the boot in. Those were the good old days… it seems its OK … Continue reading

Diluted Poison is Still Poison

Continuing with my critical, little bit angry appraisal of Mike Semmlers paper delivered at the 2012 ILC conference in Canada. A paper about homosexuality and the church. Today I make an overall summary of what I believe Mike to be saying – I don’t believe I am wrong – If you think I am let … Continue reading

Mike Semmler’s New Clothes

“The scripture is our only certainty in teaching as a church, as the redeemed of God” Mike Semmler – 2012 ILC Conference This sentence is part of a larger statement that I will look at later – for now I want to return to the theme of “security” that I talked about in a previous … Continue reading

Lets Do the Twist

Continuing with my perusal of Mike Semmlers paper that was part of the 2012 ILC Conference in Canada. In a section titled “How are we listening to scripture” he says: “We ourselves or even a group of us cannot be the measure of what is truth. God’s Word is truth beyond us and the relativism … Continue reading