Snot Anyone?

A Quick Pick…….

I wonder how many people would continue to eat at a restaurant after seeing the Chef have a quick nose pick?

The wider church has learnt an embarrassing lesson a little too late. The Catholic Church (among others) was not keen to expose internal problems and dealt with abuse issues internally. Often cases were covered up and the results are what we see in the media today. Congregations lived in denial because the truth was too difficult to believe.

Some people are concerned that I am putting peoples reputations into question by what I have to say. Learn the lesson of history… with abuse in the open and swiftly, and protect the reputation of the victim not the perpretrator.

Our church is joining others in a crime far worse than nose picking – abuse needs to be exposed for what it is!

Is our message any different?

Sadly, despite our loving tone I don’t think our message is any different. One Pastor said to me: “The Church has always held to the Scriptural contention that to continue in sin can only lead to condemnation. That is an objective statement, not a subjective one…..” It may sound religious, it even sounds scriptural but really we may as well hold up the above placard because that is what we are saying to our gay children. Your sexuality is different therefore God doesn’t like it, change or go to hell.

Learn from history – before the litigation begins.

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