Pastoral Care or “Pastoral Care” ?

I happen to believe that the “church” is a good thing. I mentioned in my first post that God loves his Church. Pastors generally have a love for people and work tirelessly in the area of “Pastoral Care”, shepherding, giving guidance.

A definition for pastoral says : adj. of or relating to, or used for animal husbandry 

Hence my title – Pastoral care or “Pastoral Care”

You talkin ’bout me?

If we are going to offer pastoral care to gay people – and we will – anyone coming to the church is not turned away right? We need to know what we are dealing with. If I took a sick cow to the vet with Mastitus and he treated it for Ovarian cancer, I as a Pastoral Carer would be rather annoyed – especially when paying the bill for a dead cow. It stands to reason that we need to know what we are treating.

Bill Muehlenberg offers us with basically two options to choose from.

1.Being Gay is a result of abuse – either poor parenting or sexual abuse.

2.It is a punishment for the sin of Idolatry. (They choose to go the way of Homosexuality because God hands them over to a depraved mind)

So which one is it? if your going to offer expert guidance you need to know what your treating. So which one is it?

I pick that one…..

This is the unfortunate predicament of our church at the moment and I think it is crucial that we are humble enough to acknowledge we don’t know everything, and brave enough to acknowledge that the Bible doesn’t answer every question. In our confusion it might also be wise to consider a third option – perhaps they ARE born that way.

Any comments, questions welcome – even anonomously – I believe this is a pivotal question and worth exploring.

One Response to “Pastoral Care or “Pastoral Care” ?”
  1. It might be debated whether the Church offers pastoral care at all, given that homosexual people, almost by definition, need to remain invisible to all intents and purposes.
    The Church already has painted itself into a corner, with its schools and colleges openly affirming gender equal opportunity and affirmation for the full range of LBGTI.

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