Mister Fix-It Man

I feel a bit sorry that I advertised this post as a “mega post” ‘cause now that I am sitting down to copy and paste the words from my mind onto the screen ……nothing is happening. I guess I have a lot to say and don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with a quote as my words are stuck.

“The greatest threat to the gay rights movement is the ex-gay movement, with its message of compassion, healing and hope” Robert Knight (from Bill Muehlenberg’s book)

This sentence reminds me of the George Orwell book “1984” where
“the ministry for peace” concerns itself with  war, ministry of truth with lies, the ministry of love with torture. –  And here we have a ministry of compassion, healing and hope.


As I have talked about in earlier posts, a lot of effort is exhausted in providing evidence that being gay is the result of sexual abuse and poor parenting. To these poor victims Bill offers these compassionate words: “..the penalty for rejecting God is the handing over to the sin of homosexuality” He calls them perverts and is disgusted by them. Don’t even try and tell me the motivation is compassion.


I want to return to some of my earlier findings about research quoted by Bill proving that Healing was possible. The researcher, R.L.Spitzer has apologized for his study and is embarrassed to retire with this study hanging over him. If your interested in more detail you can look here and here.

Some of the major problems with his research were:

  • There was no way to judge the credibility of the reports of change.
  • Bisexuals were included in the study which would inflate success rates.
  • Participants in the study were “unusually” religious.

To put it simply, some highly motivated people, suffering guilt placed on them by the church and their parents (who had sent them to therapy) show signs of success…eg, getting married, and saying they were feeling better.  Of this percentage, many failed in their marriages or many lived double lives. The majority are left psychologically damaged, many of whom suicide.

Mr Fix-It Man

As well as homosexuality Mr Fix-It Man dabbles in dentistry….

When I first read a testimony of a gay person that had come to Christ and was “healed” I felt comforted by this message, probably because it meant that God was bigger than the problem of homosexuality, and It was simpler for me…I didn’t have to grapple with the difficulty of understanding the bible on these issues. Bill Muehlenberg suggests that thousands of people are cured  and provides two emotive success stories. Unfortunately the evidence suggests that most people will never be “cured” and those that are cured are probably exaggerating the results because of varying reasons. For example if your livelihood depends on being straight or if your religion forbids it.


There is little hope offered for a gay person. If your one of the “lucky” ones, after years of praying away the gay you may feel better. But probably not. Listen to what Alan Chambers, the  President of Exodus International said recently:

“The majority of people that I have met, and I would say the majority meaning 99.9% of them have not experienced a change in their orientation or have gotten to a place where they could say that they could  never be tempted or are not tempted in some way or experience some level of same-sex attraction. I think there is a gender issue there, there are some women who have challenged me and said that my orientation or my attractions have changed completely. Those have been few and far between. The vast majority of people that I know will experience some level of same-sex attraction.”

This man is the leader of one of the largest organizations that deals with reparative therapy for gays, so you could say he has met a gazillion people who have come for treatment. The hope for a cure according to Alan’s statistics is 0.01%.

Reparative therapy cures nothing – for some they are able to suppress their sexuality in varying degrees….until they fall into sin again , but for most it leads to depression, lonliness,drugs, alcohol, suicide, mental health issues etc..

The one thing that is never presented as an option to a gay person, is that they may achieve happiness and satisfying interpersonal relationships as a gay man or a lesbian. This is the obvious road to take but we as a church are afraid to take it.

Imagine if we as a church could love and support our youth instead of sending them away to get fixed. Imagine if we could help them grow as Christians – Gay Christians, that would be REAL HOPE.

I haven’t seen the documentary but I want to go……hang on I’m not gay……shit I’m not a teen either.


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