Born that Way?

…….a continuation of my critique of Bill Muehlenberg’s book about why homosexuality is bad.

Quote from the book:

“If the homosexual lobby is willing to use faulty statistics to support its cause, just how reliable is it in other areas” Bill Muehlenberg

Well the next chapter I discuss will cast a huge shadow on the reliability of your own work.

Bill goes to great pains to prove that homosexuals are not “born that way”.  He runs through all the typical out dated reasons that have proven to be incorrect.  An overbearing mother, a distant father, sexual abuse, being enticed into it etc. For whatever reason he seems to hang onto the last remaining threads of “evidence” despite current research – there are not many threads left and he will soon be left naked.

Not much left…..

I will not bother to delve into these particular issues in detail as they are so out dated that they are a non-issue

One thing I will mention. Conservative Christian groups are beginning to annoy scientists because they are using their research, picking and choosing bits and jumping to their own conclusions. Without much effort you can find many examples where research is mis-used to further the “Christian view” and frustrated scientists are emphatically saying: “I never said that!” But still they do it…..Jump to their own conclusions.

Jumping to conclusions…..

Bill says: “Studies on Twins in fact make it perfectly clear that there can be no genetic basis for homosexuality”

The truth is that these studies prove that there is a genetic component involved. Other factors including the environment are involved as well. I must be quick to point out that environment does not mean an absent father or overbearing mother – it is talking more about hormones and events that happen in developmental stages. Twin studies provide solid evidence and DO in fact confirm that a genetic component is involved. It is only conservative Christians with a poor understanding of genetics that Jump to the conclusions they want.

The chapter leaves one a bit confused. I think that is what a lot of people feel….”it is all too complicated!” It is not really complicated at all.  For myself I don’t really care about which study proves what. Look at our children, look at the children that were bullied in the Youtube video in my previous post. Some were bullied as young as eleven, because it is apparent that they are different. In many cases it comes as no surprise to mothers when their child comes out, they knew well before the child did. It is time to stop this mad panic to try and prove that God didn’t make them that way…..he did and he loves them. Simple

Well Bill, you are misusing scientific data and promoting out dated and harmful views – just how reliable are you in other areas?


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