Profile of a Homosexual

Hi again….If you have been following my posts you would already know that I am writing about a book written by Bill Muehlenberg which discusses homosexuality.  I am very concerned about the content and feel that something needs to be said.  Please take the time to read on and perhaps read previous posts.

“Strained Relations” reads like a propaganda message. It appears that Bill purposely uses words to produce an emotive rather than a rational response.

He states that his war is against the militant homosexual lobby who are aggressively fighting to create society in their image.

He says most people aren’t worried about the quiet homosexuals and what they do in the privacy of their own homes.

His book begins by painting a profile of the homosexual:

  • They attack (those who write against them) in the cruellest and ugliest ways imaginable
  • They are associated with sickness and disease
  • They are unstable and promiscuous
  • They represent extreme hedonism (not sure what that means)
  • They have sex with strangers
  • They have sex in public places (toilets were mentioned)
  • Many are into animals
  • Many are into sado masochism
  • Many do group sex
  • They are violent, into drugs and alcohol
  • Many are pedophiles

It appears Bills intent here is to prevent us from feeling sympathetic towards gay people. After introducing us to the “nature of homosexuals” he begins a chapter discussing suicide. He looks at two studies, one from 1989 that was never peer reviewed and another from 1991 that studied 137 gay youth. According to this last study less than 1 in 10 attempted suicide because of their homosexuality. He then concludes:

“The claims of high homosexual suicide rate are therefore unfounded. But these myths keep being  repeated because they serve the overall purpose of the militant homosexual lobby: to get mainstream acceptance of homosexuality.”

I’m not looking!

Close your eyes all you like, our children are suiciding because of the picture you paint.

Our children need to know that they are loved and cherished just the way they are.

There is one difference between propaganda and other persuasive writing – only one allows other points of view. All comments welcome.

5 Responses to “Profile of a Homosexual”
  1. Mark says:

    The only good thing about these bigots spouting forth about how they have the moral high ground is that they just draw attention to themselves by shouting so loudly and pointing the finger. And in our modern, enlightened world we all know that piety and sanctimony are just a countdown to scandal. For reference: The Catholic Church. Bill Muehlenberg probably has a lot to hide…

    • aussietap says:

      As far as I can see his book isn’t aimed at converting anyone to his way of thinking, it is aimed at strengthening the like mindedness. I am hoping to point out the embarrassing inconsistancies before my church (Lutheran) laps up his ideas. So I agree, for the rest of us, he draws attention to his moral ineptitude

      • Mark says:

        Bigotry is bigotry. And while young people opt for suicide over life, then it is clear that he’s doing the devil’s work. A certain amount of militancy is therefore necessary if only to save lives. Why people have to add to the confusion of life is beyond me.

  2. lcamyopinion says:

    Too late Tap. Your church, the Lutheran Church of Australia has already lapped up his ideas. The so called profile of a homosexual is almost identical to the profile given by Dr Beverly Yahnke at a recent LCA seminar. The president of the LCA used Muehlenbergs book as one of only 2 sources for a talk he gave to a gathering of international church leaders. The LCA has lapped this stuff up and is now burping it out to its own members.

    • aussietap says:

      I don’t think I’m too late for the silent majority – I think most Pastors feel they have a loving attitude – unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything to the person that needs it. I think these people should and need to be challenged. Love only means something if it is received as such – and our message at present is not such.

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