Hello Church! (Comments Welcome)

I took this photo awhile back, after a storm had washed a pile of boats onto the beach. The long exposure and the glow of the rising sun make a pleasing silhouette. The angle of the yacht also adds to the impact of the photo…….but I am sure that for the owner of the boat this is not a pleasing image.

The church has often been compared to a boat. Firstly I would like to say that God loves his church whether it is floating or on a sand bar, so any criticism I make about the church needs to remember this fact. Imagine a person at a wedding making criticisms of the bride to the groom – wouldn’t go down too well I imagine. But the fact is yachts are meant to sail. It is the writers (that’s me) opinion that the church has been battered by storms and has ended up on the beach – pretty to photograph but next to useless.

The week after I took this photo I returned to take photos of one of the wrecks that got burnt by vandals. I stopped to watch as a yacht similar to the one in the photo was being rescued. It was quite a big operation, two diggers worked around the boat, digging a hole around the boat so that as the tide came in,  water would lift the boat off the sand. A tug boat was called in after the preparations were ready. Even with all the preparations the tug had to work hard and the ropes creaked and groaned with the pressure. A fine mist of water spraying from the taught lines. Eventually, as the anxious owner looked on from the beach, the boat was free.

Maybe it’s arrogance but I thought I might add to the ever increasing internet converstaions and hopefully help in beginning the work of digging around the sand that has bogged the church and perhaps free us to sail again. That I think is my aim, the reason I am starting. Quite often for me though, a journey ends up in a different place to where I had first imagined. Join me and see where we end up.

2 Responses to “Hello Church! (Comments Welcome)”
  1. lcamyopinion says:

    Luv ur work Tap. Lets see where this goes. Goos luck.

  2. Looking forward to the widening conversation. Unless some, we welcome conversation within the LCA.

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