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More Sugar Please

  Buzzing flies  Brown  Soft steamy shit It will taste better if I add some sugar I’ve heard about polishing terds…. But would I eat it?   Why don’t I consider a healthy alternative? Is there real safety in being conservative? Why do I swallow what shouldn’t be et? Anything other considered a threat!   It … Continue reading

A Mustard Seed

  Faith Solid, firm, built on a rock An illusion Nice to feel safe Certainty, strength, faith unswerving An illusion For me   Un-nerving   Doubt and faith walk as two friends Talking Crying Laughing Learning Unbelief  like certainty is alone   A cord of three strands is not easily broken Faith without doubt Is … Continue reading


If I Were a Butterfly

The hardest thing for me as a Christian is to believe that Jesus loves me – I think I am the product of “I a poor miserable sinner” Lutheranism. The sinner that beats his chest and leaves the temple more justified than the other. There is something wrong here – I thought about this at … Continue reading


Second Thoughts

Hi again. When I wrote the poem last week…….. press here if you haven’t read it, I was actually quite rushed for time. I have had a bit of time to re-read what I wrote, I have received some criticism – so I thought I would add some thoughts onto what I have already written. … Continue reading


Beer Goggles

    If it weren’t for the goggles I wouldn’t pick up   Squelchy carpets Thumping music Sleazy people   Wanna root?   Goggles on What a place! Friendly people Chicky Babes!   Beer Goggles and religion Much the same thing Obscuring your judgement Impairing your vision   Morning breath Pounding head Need to piss … Continue reading


The World is a Fiend

  We are taught to shun the world as one  been bitten Shackle the flesh and ignore the passing Patterns of God or truth re-written?   Truth is plain In front of our eyes Read instinctively in what has been made The bonds of family Friendships secure Empathy Compassion Love Life and death both intertwined … Continue reading


Urgent Safety Announcement

The manufacturer would like to make an urgent safety announcement.Please be advised that a defect has been identified near the “Central Processing Unit” of the brain. (CPU for short) During commissioning the Chief Engineer designed a bypass valve next to the CPU. This valve was a safety initiative installed as a  measure to alleviate undue … Continue reading

002 (1)

Repent and be Saved

    Amazing Grace, how sour it be Promised sight, but I still can’t see Love undeserved and a gift that’s free Demands a payment, impossible for me Forgiveness bought and love that is traded In mans own image God was created   The fires of hell scorch my parts I’ll return to my father … Continue reading


The Apple and The Tree

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree What is the apple and what is the tree? The tree is my father and the apple is me                         Racism            Sexism                   … Continue reading


The Pearl of Great Value

  There is no doubt of its value and great fear of its loss Where is the kingdom? And what does it cost? Prophets of old foretold of its glory Jesus the saviour told us its story The pearl of great value it mustn’t be lost!    Sell your house Sell your land If it … Continue reading


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